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Welcome to the Rural Mental Wellness Toolkit

Stigma-Free Mental Health is a Canadian charity that was founded in British Columbia in 2010 with a mission to reduce the stigma around mental health through education. We are proud to now be building a national presence with our offerings. 

There is a mental health crisis within rural, agricultural, and Indigenous communities across North America due to lack of resources and a persisting stigma that prevents people from seeking help that we hope to help address through The Rural Mental Wellness Toolkit.

This resource was created to help people feel less alone in struggles with their mental health, offer mental health education, and provide information on avenues for help and support.

This valuable resource contains videos of people opening up the conversation around mental health and stigma in the Inspiring Stories for You section, helpful articles, activities to stimulate conversations, and community-based resources. 

It also offers information on our ongoing Peer Support Fundamentals Training to help people form Peer Support Groups within their communities to further de-stigmatize mental health and the pursuit of mental wellbeing.

At any time you wish to provide feedback on the content of the Rural Mental Wellness Toolkit, please feel free to Contact Us.

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Welcome Message from Dave Richardson, Board Chair

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