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Supporting Rural Women in Business: An Interview with the Founders of The Rural Collective

What is the Rural Collective?  Started by Jan and Erin Johnson, “ The Rural Collective is a member-based community where enterprising rural Canadian women can come together for mutual support, ideas and to network with potential collaborative business partners, all with the aim to build and grow sustainable, successful businesses. We have women who are […]

Women Entrepreneurs in Rural Communities: Their Challenges and Successes

Starting a small business in a rural community can come with its fair share of challenges. A small business is defined as a firm that has fewer than 100 employees. These small businesses can come in many forms, serve the diverse needs of populations, carry different products and encompass many forms of work. Entrepreneurs and […]

A Glimpse into the Rural Peer Support Training Program

What is Peer Support?: According to the Mental Health Commission of Canada, Peer Support is “a supportive relationship between people who have a lived experience in common. The peer support worker provides emotional and social support to others who share a common experience. But despite evidence of the benefits, for both individuals and families, peer […]

Farmer’s Perspective on Mental Health

We interviewed 6 farmers to tell us about their perception of mental health and the challenges faced by farming and agricultural communities. Their answers were truly eye-opening. Below are excerpts from our interviews with Brendan Byrne, Nathan Brown, Carey Portell, Kristen Kelderman, Louise Virostok, and Sandi Knight. What does mental health mean to you? Interviewees […]

The Importance of Mental Wellness Breaks

In agricultural communities, there is a major focus on productivity. While it is important to remain productive in order for your business to thrive, hyper-productivity can lead to burnout, physical exhaustion, mental exhaustion and can exacerbate mental health issues.  Overworking yourself can do a lot more harm than good. If you begin experiencing burnout or […]

Farm Supermoms

Coping with stress and mental health challenges Farm supermoms. This name is fitting because the various roles and responsibilities these women take on require them to possess superhero-like qualities. Being a farm mom can be extremely taxing and often involves these women wearing many hats throughout the day. Being a mom in and of itself […]

5 Tips for Men’s Mental Health

  Listen to article here!   Mental health is a significant concern among rural men, although it remains a largely silent crisis.  Rural men are more likely to attempt and die from suicide than urban men, and this likelihood goes up with increased isolation and rurality. Men often suffer in silence and are less likely […]

Goat Yoga is Great for Your Mental Health – We’re Not KIDding Around

  Listen to article here! You might be looking at the title of this article and thinking to yourself, “hilarious pun, but what is goat yoga?” Well, goat yoga is exactly what it sounds like: yoga with goats. While this might seem like a hokey fad, there is actually quite a bit of evidence to […]

Rural Families: Taking Care of Yourself Before Others

  Listen to article here! We tend to put the needs of others before our own, including the needs of our children, family members and friends. This is especially true of parents. Both mothers and fathers in rural communities often have a lot of responsibility, including taking care of their children, paying the bills, caring […]

Interview with Jason Medows from AgStateofMind

  Listen to article here! About Jason Jason Medows’ story begins in a small rural town in Missouri. He is the youngest of 5 children but was basically raised as an only child. Three of his older siblings were moved out and married before he was even born, and the fourth had lived at home […]