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Resources for Seniors

Seniors face unique challenges when it comes to mental health. As we mature, it is common to feel more isolated, tired and even depressed. There is hope! We want to help you improve your quality of life by boosting your mental health and helping you feel more connected to your community. On this page you will find printable resources, brochures, journaling prompts, and much more!

Supporting Seniors in Rural Communities Brochure

Download Printable Version Here. 

Instructions: Print the brochure out, making sure to select the double sided option on your printer. If your printer does not have a double sided option, simply tape the two blank sides of the pages together after you print out. Next, create a Z fold with the brochure. Starting on page 1, create two back and forth folds on the dotted lines. And that’s it! Enjoy your mental wellness brochure!

Journal Prompts for Seniors

The Rural Route to Active Aging Guide Created By:

“This guide is for adults living in rural areas who are considering being active or who want to stay active as they age. If you know that you need to move more and sit less, this guide is for you.”

Helpful Videos for Seniors

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