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Rural Live Wellness Events

The Stigma-Free Society will be hosting Live Events on their YouTube channel and Facebook Page every week on rural mental health and wellness.

Andrea Paquette, Stigma-Free Host

Andrea is the President and Co-Founder of the Stigma-Free Society. She is passionate about educating all people about mental health and focuses much of her discussions on stigma that negatively affect people’s perceptions of themselves and others.

Andrea has presented across multiple venues nationally and she is an award winning mental health activist, educator, facilitator, speaker and published author. She is passionate about helping people realize that they are not alone by sharing her personal story of living with bipolar disorder. She is excited to take on the role as a Stigma-Free Live Host.

Gerry Friesen, Stigma-Free Host

Gerry, AKA the Recovering Farmer, comes from a diverse background of experience, learning and discovery. He grew up on a farm and in 1983 took over the family farm. He operated the farm until 2007 when other interests demanded more and more of his time.

Gerry’s passion is in helping others find solutions for the various issues that life throws at us. A combination of his own journey with anxiety and depression, training in conflict resolution and intensive counseling training provide him the tools to help others who are struggling. As such he has presented widely, across Canada, to a variety of audiences challenging listeners to “talk about it” and has been recognized nationally for being a champion of mental health and agriculture.

We are looking for more hosts for our Rural Wellness Live Events!

We will be interviewing rural mental wellness advocates, experts and individuals who wish to share their personal story and expert advice on rural mental health.

Guest: Marty Wildman

Head Facilitator at Lone Eagle Ventures

Guest: Tracy Wood

Equine Gestalt Coach in Manitoba

Guest: Meagan Ann Gordon

Program Manager of the Rural Ottawa Youth Mental Health Collective.

Guest: Lewellyn Melnyk

Author of Rooted: How I Stay Small Town Strong When Life Gets Hard and How You Can Too: A Guide to Finding Joy, Learning from Struggle, and Coming Together One Season at a Time

Guest: Briana Hagen

CEO of the Canadian Centre for Agricultural Wellness

Guest: Lauren Van Ewyk

 CEO of the National Farmer Mental Health Alliance

Guest: Lise McMillan

Mental health in families, within couples & in rural communities!

Guest: Miranda Leybourne

Mental Health in rural communities & motherhood

Guest: Megz Reynold

The Do More Agriculture Foundation

Guest: Cathy Williams

Suicide Prevention & Mental Health in Rural Communities

Guest: Mara Shaw

Executive Director of the National Farmers Union

Guest: Brenna Mahoney

Mental Health & Wellness in the Agricultural Field

Guest: Dr. Andria Jones-Bitton

Mental Health & Wellness in the agricultural communities & for veterinarians

Guest: Marcel Hacault

Farmer & Agricultural Advocate

Guest: Roberta Galbraith

Mental Health & Wellness in Rural & Agricultural Communities

Guest: Tara Klager

Mental Health in Agricultural Communities

Guest: Heather Watson

Mental Health in Rural & Agricultural Communities

Guest: Richard Whitfield

Rural Mental Health & Wellness & Men’s Mental Health

Guest: Brooke Hayes

Mental Health in Rural Communities

Guest: Kim Moffatt

Stress Management Techniques for Farmers

Guest: Paul Adams

BC Rural Health Network

Guest: Briana Hagen, PHD

Mental Health & Wellbeing in Rural Communities

Guest: Dr. Rachel Herron

Founding Director of the Centre for Critical Studies of Rural Mental Health & Associate Professor at Brandon University 

Guest: Brendan Byrne

Manager of Byrne Brothers
Farming Operation

Guest: Deborah Vanberkel

Registered Psychotherapist and
Partner on a Multi-Generational Dairy Farm

Guest: Allan Kehler

Mental Health Advocate,
International Keynote Speaker & Best-Selling Author

Guest: Tracy Burnet

CEO of Farm Marketer and
the host of Impact Farming

Guest: Jeff Ditzenberger

Farmer & Founder of T.U.G.S Program for Mental Health
*sensitive content*

Guest: Kim Moffat

Crisis Counsellor and
Rural & Agricultural Mental Health Specialist

Guest: Ed Staples

President of Support Our Health Care Society
and Rural Health Network

Guest: Gerry Friesen

“The Recovering Farmer”
Stress Expert & Motivational Speaker

Guest: Nathaan Demers, Psy. D

VP Clinical Programs & Strategic Partnerships
at Grit Digital Health

Guest: Cassandra and Stefanie of @thetulepps

 Women In The Farming Industry & Highly Successful Social Media Endeavors.

Guest: Kristen Kelderman

Masters Student and Rural Mental Health Advocate

Guest: Kaila Anderson, MSW

Rural Behavioural Health & Social Services Expert

Guest: Alanna Coneybeare

VP of Conlee Farms Inc. and Admin for the Farmers’ Toolbox

Guest: Danika Vessel

Director, Partnerships & Outreach for We Matter

Guest: Jason Medows

Founder of Ag State of Mind

Guest: Ally Spears

Owner of Ag Chicks and Podcast Host for “The Dirt”

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