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Peer Support Fundamentals Training for Rural and Farming Communities

“Peer support is a supportive relationship between people who have a lived experience in common.” (MHCC) The Stigma-Free Society is offering Peer Support Fundamentals Training to individuals in rural and agricultural communities. These trained Peer Support trainers will then be able to start support groups in their communities. You will be able to find support for your mental health, from people who understand your way of life.

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Next 2-Day Training:

April 23 & 30, 2024
8:30 am – 3:00 pm PST/ 10:30 am – 5:00 pm CST

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Training has a one-time $50 fee to the Stigma-Free Society.

The Peer Support Fundamentals Training is valued at $375, but a $50 fee (no donation receipt) is required for administration.

What is Peer Support?

“Peer support is a supportive relationship between people who have a lived experience in common. The Peer Support Fundamentals Training provides emotional and social support to others who share a common experience. But despite evidence of the benefits, for both individuals and families, peer support programs have yet to receive the focus, funding, and attention needed.” 

Values of Peer Support: 
1. Self-determination and equality: Peer support is person-focused and empowering.
2. Mutuality and empathy: Peer support emphasizes the importance of shared lived experience that creates an accepting mutual relationship. 
3. Wellness: Peer support focuses on the individual’s overall wellness.

Why is Peer Support Helpful for Farming and Rural Communities?

Peer support is led by trained people just like you who have lived experience with mental health challenges, but also get what rural living and working in agriculture is like. Since there aren’t many mental health services in rural communities like psychologists or counsellors, peer support is a great option. Peer support can also be done over video chat, so you can keep it personal and private.

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