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Resources for Youth

If you’re struggling with your mental health, it is nothing to be ashamed of. Just like you take care of your body to prevent you from getting sick, you have to do the same for your mind! The great news is, there are so many resources available. Right here is a great place to start – scroll down to find comic books, illustrated animations, infographics and much more!

Mental Health and Rural Youth
Tips for Taking Care of Your Mental Health Booklet
A Comic Book About Reaching Out for Help

The Stigma-Free Tool is a quiz that allows you to assess your views about mental health and helps you recognize any negative judgements, or attitudes. Ready to have look of your thoughts and perceptions?

Click on the Stigma-Free Tool below to find out more!

The Stigma-Free Pledge is a meaningful oath that you may decide to sign as it encourages you to make a strong commitment to live a Stigma-Free life. What does that mean?

Click on the Stigma-Free Pledge below to find out more!

Youth Videos for Wellness

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